• To rent the clubhouse, a Contract for Reservation must be signed by the unit owner and tenant responsible.
  • The person renting must be at least 21 years of age, be in attendance at all times, and be responsible for the actions of his/her guests.


  • Basic clean up of the facility as well as 6 tables and 30 folding chairs are provided as part of the rental agreement.
  • We request that you make at least an effort to pickup and thoroughly clean any major garbage.


  • The clubhouse is available from 6 am to 10 pm 7 DAYS A WEEK.
  • The number of guests is limited to 100 absolute maximum. 60 Inside & 40 Courtyard Outside
  • There will be NO furniture removed from the clubhouse whatsoever.
  • Pool use and use of Pool area is NOT provided with clubhouse rental.
  • There shall be no music or noise audible from outside the clubhouse. If there is any music played, all doors and windows to the clubhouse must be closed and remain closed. Violations of this rule may result in the Police being called to the clubhouse and the function ended.
  • There shall be NO SMOKING within the clubhouse.
  • The clubhouse is to be used for personal social or recreational activities only.
  • Owners reserve the right to enter the clubhouse at any time
  • All Entry doors lock at 10 pm.


  • Ensure all exterior doors, both sides of double doors, and the interior doors are securely locked.
  • Ensure air conditioner, furnace, and lights are ALL turned off.
  • Clubhouse must be cleaned and vacated by midnight.

The unit owner is ultimately responsible for damages, additional cleaning, or rule violations, and will be assessed accordingly. Additional charges, if warranted, will be billed to unit owner.

Download & Print The Rental Agreement Form - Fill it out and bring it in to the Front Office to confirm and pay